How to use ETC system

How to use ETC system

How to use ETC system

The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System is a new toll system designed to enhance convenience for drivers by enabling cashless toll collection and thus mitigating congestion at expressway tollgates. Tolls are automatically collected via wireless communication between an antenna installed on the tollgate, and on-board equipment. It enables simple and speedy payment by allowing drivers to pass through tollgates without stopping to pay.

※Please request an ETC card from options of reservation form.

HOKKAIDO High waytypes of gates.


ETC-exclusive gate

You can pass through this gate only when ETC card is inserted properly into the ETC device. Otherwise, the gate bar will not open.

※Please drive at no more than 20 km/h.

ETC/general shared gate

Both cars equipped and non-equipped with ETC card can pass through this gate. Please exercise caution when passing through this gate as the car in front may be a car non-equipped with ETC card and have to stop to pay the toll. Overtaking stationary cars in the ETC gate is prohibited.

General roadway

If there is no ETC card and vehicles not equipped with ETC onboard equipment please pass the lane of the general roadway. Payment is only cash. Please pass the ticket to the attendant and pay the fee in cash. Please be sure to temporarily stop at the gate and take a toll ticket.