Loss Damage Waiver Insurance

Loss Damage Waiver Insurance

1Loss Damage Waiver Insurance Benefits

In any case of an accident, all damages will be covered by insurance company, including : personal, the opposite party, and the rental car.

Injuries caused by the accident including the passengers and the opposing party. No limit
Damages towards the opposing parties properties No limit JPY 100,000 per incident
Damages of the rental car No limit JPY 100,000 per incident
Driver and passengers death and permanent injuries JPY 30 million

Coverage will be provided to passengers’ physical injury caused by the accident (incl. death and permanent disability), regardless weather if the driver was at fault. (Maximum coverage of 30 million yen: calculated based on criteria from the insurance contract and includes the cost of treatment.)

2Non-Operation Charge

After an accident, the car will need to be repaired. You will be responsible for the Non-Operation Charge (NOC) as a compensation for our business loss during that period.

Vehicle capacity under 8 people Vehicle capacity beyond 9 people
If the car still can be driven to the rental office JPY 20,000 JPY 50,000
If the car can no longer be driven to the rental office JPY 50,000
(The customer is responsible for paying towing fee)
JPY 80,000
(The customer is responsible for paying towing fee)
  • In case of accident, NOC insurance will be covered by the NOC.
NOC Warranty Service In case of accident, the car needs to be repaired. Payment of the compensation for business loss is covered.
Support Content
  • Free towing up to 150,000JPY (including the Basic and the operation cost for towing). If the towing fee surpasses 150,000 JPY, the cost of towing will be 800JPY/KM.
  • You can return the car an hour late if any of the stated reasons below occurs: Traffic jams, Snowstorms, etc. (Please notify us in first hand)
  • Support when the battery is dead.
  • Support for situations such as tires being stuck in side grooves.
  • Support for unlocking the car when the car key is locked in the car.
  • Hub Caps Loss and damage

Exclusions and Limitations of Insurances

  1. Did not immediately reported the details of the accident to us and the police.
  2. The time of the accident is not in the rental contract period.
  3. Violation of the Japanese traffic law such as: Drunk driving , Ignoring traffic lights, Ignoring traffic signs , Driving without an approved international drivers license, and have broken our car rental regulations.
  4. Tire damages.
  5. Interior damages , hit and run , smoke smell.
  6. Vehicle breakdown due to improper use of the vehicle such as: Hitting the car parked next to you with the door , etc.